Hiking up a ridge high above camp, we got a fantastic view of our camp at the toe of the glacier and the edge of the lake. The melted out margins of the permanently frozen lake were a brilliant blue, and our tents a cheerful yellow. In addition to the bluish cook hut, labs, and tool sheds, and the green Jamesway storage tent/shed, you can see the new modern solar panels that were installed this season to replace the 25-year-old NASA experiments that had been powering the camp. In the foreground, you can see the edge of a ventifact, a rock sculpted into wavy shapes by the wind.



2 thoughts on “Camp

  1. Are there certain things your crew does prior to prepare for your trips to camp? (E.x. What things do you guys pack with you)
    Also, have any other particles ever been analyzed in your core samples such as pollens or other particles?


    1. Thanks for the questions! We do prepare a lot of equipment to take with us to camp. We bring lots of long underwear and warm jackets. We also bring solid mountaineering boots that we can fit our crampons to in order to walk on the glaciers.

      We measure several properties of our samples, including the DNA, chlorophyll-a, organic matter, carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus. We also extract and count microscopic animals, including tardigrades, rotifers, and ciliates (and we look for nematodes but never find them there). We do not see any pollen in our cores, probably because there are no plants bigger than moss or algae in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. Maybe there would be pollen in some very deep ice from parts of the continental ice sheet that were once forested, but our samples come from more relatively recent ice.


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